Gradient Color Book

I am exploring the potential of what a book contains and brings to the table as well a green screen. It is a vessel for imagery, language and information. Humans constructed it for human purposes to transport history through time. For this project I collapsed time, space and reality. I made a green screen book and filmed it. I placed color gradients into its pages through the color key effect in Adobe Premiere to play with the uncanny aspect of a digital/non digital book and to focus more closely on formal aspects. Such as the impossibility of ever creating a book so evenly colored in real life and the construction of the green screen rather than the content I could have placed inside the book. In the first video, projected on my studio wall, the color gradients slowly transition from one to the next leaving the viewer to question what they actually perceive to be happening. There is theatricality to the placing of the book, then flipping through its pages, and a final removal of the book to mimic the frontality and performative elements of the green screen at work. A clue to the construction of the video is given with another video being shown in the same space. The color gradient doesn’t saturate the entire book, leaving the square of color only to exist when the book is held at the right position. This shows the construction of the green screen at work and the potential and limitation of placing content on the book

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